5 Tips On Avoiding Relationship Heartache

There is definitely no shortage of relationship advice for women online – how to get a boyfriend or deal with relationship problems etc.. The problem is there are no relationship ‘preventative articles’: how do you avoid bad relationships in the first place? The lack seems to be somewhere in the middle

Know who you’re looking for

Ladies concentrate on and dedicate too much time trying to be attractive to men but don’t even know what specific man they’re trying to get the attention from. This definitely does not not include the talk, dark and handsome types who tend to be unattainable. Women really need to think about the important character attributes they want their ideal guy to possess.

Pay attention to contradictions in your expectations. For example, if you love the strong yet silent type, don’t complain and have issues when your perfect man has a hard time sharing his feelings and expressing emotions.

Establish your boundaries

Boundaries should be ‘set’ from the beginning of your relationship. These are often called “deal breakers,” If they are crossed they are usually a sign to leave the relationship. They’re things like physical abuse, criminal background, and addictions qualify as “deal breakers”.

However, know your own boundaries before you begin a relationship when you have a clear head and not romantically involved. When a couple are together – romantically, physically, maybe financially- if becomes hard to leave the situation and you may turn a blind eye and make excuses for their behaviour.

Always tell a friend of your boundaries, if your situation because difficult they have a clear opinion of the situation and can give you relationship advice that you may not have thought about/just ignored.

Learn the warning signs

There are ALWAYS warning signs, despite what others may say. If something becomes a regular occurrence, hurts you mentally or physically just leave. You want to choose the best man for you and what you deserve. This way you can filter out the noise and focus in on the good men.

Listen to your gut

Yes it is a cliche but it‘s one of the most often repeated pieces of relationship advice for women because it’s so true. Don’t ignore your instincts. Your gut feeling is there for a reason so listen to it. If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.

Beware of instant attraction

Don’t limit yourself. Plenty of women feel that is they aren’t immediately attracted and don’t experience ‘love at first’ that it won’t be successful. ‘Love at first sight’ does happen but is so rare don’t get hung up on it. Chalk that one up to instinct, too, I guess.

On the other hand, instant attraction and whirlwind romances can come crashing down very quickly so beware. If you’re besotted with someone question why. If there aren’t any major stop signs, go ahead and get to know the guy, but take it slowly. A strong initial attraction should make you more cautious, not less.

Before you read any more relationship advice for women, take some time to get clear on your own needs and desires. Decide what kind of man you’re looking for and set clear boundaries and you’ll give yourself a much better chance of avoiding heartache in the future.

5 Thoughts that go Through a Man’s Head the First Time He Sleeps with You

Here are the five top things men think about when they sleep with a girl sober for the first time. Call it a sleep over if you may, but this is a big thing for a lad. So much goes through their mind as the night goes on. They think about everything and are always considering will they be asked back the next time. Here are the top five thoughts for men on their first sleep over with a girl they like.

  1. Why Is She On My Side?

This can create serious tension. Usually neither side will back down in this case because a lot of people are very particular about where they sleep.

  1. Are We Cuddling Enough?

Couple lying in bed sleeping

The first time reveals a lot. How you actually sleep. As we know people have different ways of sleeping. Are you a lying on the stomach, side, on the angle, or even the don’t dare touch me type? Or are you a cuddle monster? The thing is when it comes to actually getting sleep most lads don’t like cuddling. It just doesn’t work when you want to get a full night sleep. So women don’t feel too bad if he’s not cuddling you the whole night.


  1. Am I Moving a lot?

Personally I’m a bog tosser and turner. This can piss the girl off and it is some lads are very conscious of. So if she ends up giving you a kick or an arm in the end more than likely you won’t be asked back.

  1. What if I Snore or talk in my sleep?

Snoring is most definitely annoying. If you don’t want to lose out on future sex because of a snoring problem or shouting at the girl in you sleep. Or if there is any way that you can prevent yourself from snoring, sort it out. Stay up all night if it needs be.

  1. Will we have morning sex?

Young couple kissiing

This is definitely at the top of the man’s list of thoughts. It can keep a man up all night. Like if you don’t do it again the next morning does that mean it wasn’t good the night before? These thoughts will block out any attempt at sleeping. An also another thought is how we will approach the sex in morning. So many thoughts…


Relationship Advice – From the Man’s Perspective

Nowadays most relationship blogs are written by women, not because men don’t care about these things but it’s just women are more reliable when it comes to relationship advice. Our Pink Sheep decided to go out and ask some average men for relationship advice and it made for some great reading. Its straight to the point no bullshit. It is exactly what men want. Have a look.

Group of young sexual dancers in erotic costumes

My boyfriend says he has no sexual fantasies. He’s lying?

Most definitely. But to be honest you cant blame him. For men it’s extremely hard to be honest about the kinky stuff. He’s more than likely worried that you will consider him a “creep”. So if you’re going to approach the subject just be gentle, perhaps confess one of your own first and then try and get him to spill the beans. But be gentle when you confess your fantasy, if you like some weird fetish maybe ease him in with something lighter first. Like try get it out of him by introducing some love toys into the bedroom. And well if that doesn’t work just try a sexy costumes like school girl or slutty nurse…it won’t let you down.

How do I get him to tidy up?

This is really not a big deal anymore. Most Irish men shave, trim or even wax down there. Just bring it up casually and then reward him for it. We’re very like pets, not much to us really.

off to a party

My Man Has slept with way more women than me. How do I get over this?

If it helps it’s probably a lot less than he originally told you lads. Lads always exaggerate this number, it’s an ego thing. Also I would’t worry too much about this most of them we’re probably just drunken mistakes don’t worry about I’m sure he’s not.

Man and woman

Do lads like it when I’m loud in bed?

Most definitely yes. It’s proof that you’re enjoying yourself and that’s exactly what we want to see. It also adds that little bit extra to the sensation we receive.

My boyfriend still masturbate even though he can have sex whenever. Is this normal?

Yes all lads masturbate. No matter how much sex he has in the week it will never be enough. Its natural , perhaps just lay down some ground rules of where and when.


My Boyfriend is Never Romantic. How do I change that?

Again we are very simple creatures, just give him a few hints. Perhaps make up a story about something romantic a boyfriend of one of your co-workers did. Tell him restuarants you like an things you like to do. You’ll be surprised.

Young sexy body over retro background

What do guys find sexiest?

Men find lingerie irresistible. If you are looking to treat your man get some sexy lingerie or slutty costumes. If you’re looking to get your man to do something he won’t be able to say no if you dress like this. Again we have no will power and can’t say no to a woman in a sexy dress or sexy lingerie.

Well there is our top questions for the lads. They’re pretty straightforward characters by the sounds of things. If you have an more questions comment below and let us know what you think.

Amy Winehouse is a Delicate Flower

Amy Winehouse Court Assault picThe ever lovely and elegant Amy Winehouse appeared in British court this week looking fresh as a daisy. Or at least a dandelion.

She wore a low-cut floral miniskirt with the girls out on display to enter her plea.

Who goes to court dressed like that? And she knew she was showing a little too much boobage. Because as she was walking into the courthouse she covered her cleavage as a gesture of false modesty. As if saying to the paparazzi, “Oh no, me boobs is ‘anging out! Wha’ am I to do?”

I wonder if she has any brain cells left or has she smoked them all away?

F.Y.I. Homegirl pleaded not guilty to assaulting a fan last year.

Hayden Panettiere Thinks She’s All That

Hayden Panettiere moved overI think Heroes is one of the most compelling shows on the tele right now. One of it’s weakest points is Hayden Panettiere’s character Claire. No, change that. It’s not the character. It’s Hayden’s portrail of the character.

To put it nicely, she sucks. She sooooo dramatic all the time. She whispers and grits her teeth for every line! “Mom, Mr. Muggles just peed on the floor. I’m letting you know because I’m too busy saving the world to clean it up.” Grit. Pout. Stare.

Seriously, homegirl. Get over yourself.

So now, she’s causing problems on the set. She and former man-toy Milo Ventimiglia can no longer work together. Hayden wont go on set when Milo is there. She’s basically demanding producers choose Milo or her.

Guuurrl, please! You are not the be all end all of that show. Simmer down before you head gets to big for your body and you have to go back to making cheerleader movies.

Bring It On 14: This Time It’s Really Been Broughten Like For Real.

Sasha and Malia Obama are Getting a Portuguese Water Dog

portuguese water dog puppies obamaThe wait it over! The decision has been made. Barack Obamais getting his girls a Portuguese Water Dog instead of a Labradoodle.
Then new dog won’t be moving into the White House until some time in April.

This however adds fuel to the right-wing conspiracy theories that Obama is secretly trying to destroy America. After all, what could be more un-American than a dog that has the name of a liberal European country in its name?! I don’t even think they speak American over there!

All part of his evil plan to socialize health care! Become aware, people. Become aware. Muuuuhhhhahahahahahaaaa!

Spencer the Gay Dude from Survivor Tocantins is a Jerk

Okay. So this may be a moot point, because I may be the only person on the planet following Survivor this season. But the gayosphere is burning up with quotes from 19 year Survivorcontestant Spencer Duhm.

First of all you gotta feel a little sorry for the guy. His last name is Duhm. So you know his life sucked in elementary school.

However, this little gayling is full of venom of another sort. This gay dude hates gay dudes. Well, not really gay dudes. Just gay dudes who act like gay dudes.

This is what he told Reality Blurred, “I won’t be Todd, I surely won’t be Coby. I won’t be Charlie. Holy sh*t.”

In reference to Charlie Herschel from Gabon last season, he said, “I talked to my parents and I was like, ‘Mom, do I sound like that?’ she was like, ‘Sweetheart, no, I would never let you go out in public if you sounded like that.’ Thank God.”

Awwww…. a mother’s love. How sweet. How supportive.

This is one closeted season ofSurvivor. There’s a pop-star that no one knows is a pop-star. And a gay dude that no one knows is a gay dude.

What’s next? An old guy that no one knows is an old guy? Or a skinny chick that no one knows is a skinny chick?

Oprah’s Hair is Real, Britney’s Isn’t

Oprah Winfrey is rich enough that she could purchase a harem of Asian girls and keep them in her wine cellar and use them for their silky raven hair. However, she’s a giver so she doesn’t.

Instead she pays an army of gays to steam, press, and curl the kink right out of her God-given locks. When God and the gays get together, we call that “The Secret” or as Oprah calls it, “Thuuuuuh Seeeeeecreeeeeet! Whuu Whuuu Yoooooow!”

The Big O tweeted recently and shared this pic of herself on her show to tell the world she does not wear a weave! She’s more real than Jenny from the block. She keeps photos like this one lying around her castle to remind her that she too is a mortal.

Speaking of mortals, Britney Spears recently reminded the world that she DOES wear a weave. And not the good kind, but the kind that falls out in clumps when you touch it.

Lord, what fools these mortals be.

I Hate Heidi Montage a Little Less Now

I have no real reason to hate Heidi Montag. Actually, the words “real” and “Heidi Montag” have never even appeared in the same sentence before.

But this week in the wake of the Miss California gay-marriage-pageant-question debacle, Miss Montag came to the defense of the fags. Now I am forced to dislike her slightly less than before.

“God says in the Bible that we should love our neighbor and He created us all as equals. I know in my heart that gays and lesbians should have the same government rights that Spencer and I will when we get married. So, yes, this blond Christian believes in gay marriage.”

What have we learned from this? If The Hills gets canceled, she runs out of marriage publicity stunts, and her music career never takes off, then Heidi can always become a televangelist!

“Rihanna Deserved to be Beat” and Other Stupid Things Kids Say

Chris Brown blame RihannaKids these days! When I read the following survey results I literally gasped! GASPED!
A survey of 200 teens and tweens in Boston age 12-19 said 46% believe Rihanna was responsible for the incident between her andChris Brown. WHAT????

Half of today’s youth blame the victim? Is this a result of raising a generation on hip-hop videos and Lifetime movies? Where did we go so wrong, America?

The survey also found that 44% believe fighting is a normal part of a relationship.

Noooooo!!!!! Wake up, kids. Oprah is right, “Love doesn’t hurt. If he hit you once he will hit you again.”

We all already know she took his sorry ass back. Then they made plans to release a duet. Finally, it seems Ri-Ri is refusing to testify against him in the court proceedings.

The survey also found that 52% of the stupid kids think the media is treating Chris Brown unfairly. As in because he’s cute, he doesn’t deserve to be held accountable for his actions. Seriously kids? Chris Brown is lucky someone hasn’t come along and cut a bitch. Alas, violence begets violence and never solves a thing.

I am shocked and appalled by these findings.

Rihanna, I am so confused and disappointed by you. Why go back to your abuser? Why? It’s not okay.

I’m at a loss for words.

Everyone Looks Better in Black & White: Lindsay Lohan Edition

I have this theory that everyone looks better in black & white. So just a word to Lindsay Lohan Nude Skinnythe wise, if you’re hooking up with someone online, make sure they have some color photos on their profile. Because if they don’t, you are in for a huge surprise when you meet them in person.

With that said, can you imagine what these photos of Mean Girl turn Lean Girl Lindsay Lohan look like in color? The freckles peeking through the fake tan. The blond split ends and the ginger roots. The nicotine stained fingers. And the ribs!

LiLo is so skinny lately that when I see her it reminds me of the scene from Bambi when Bambi is trying to walk on the ice but is too wobbly. Her legs look they can’t hold her up anymore.

I thought heroin chic was out. Is it back in? Because I can totally stop eating if I’m supposed to. In fact with all the talk about the economy, do you know how muchmoney you would save if you just stopped eating! But I digress.

Let’s call this photo shoot Marlboro chic.

lindsay lohan nude photo smoking

American Idol and Michael Jackson a Match Made in Crazyville

American Idol Season 8 Kris AllenA huge red flag goes up when someone on American Idol says they are going to sing a Michael Jackson song. I immediately think they are crazy or a pervert or a crazy pervert.

You can imagine my surprise when the powers that be decided to dedicate an entire episode to the Michael Jackson catalog! Craziness galore!

Here’s my take on the performances.

Lil Rounds is one of the best singers on the show, but totally bored me. I just stared at her butt in those white pants.

I’ve not been a fan of Scott MacIntyre the blind dude. But this time I drank the Kool-Aide. Maybe it was the piano, but I love me some Scott now.

Danny Gokey the guy with the dead wife rocked it.

The roughneck Michael Sarver sounded all country to me, but the judges were like, “Blah, blah, we love you all R&B.”

Why were they so mean to the pretty little girl Jasmine Murray? I thought she was great. But whatever.

Kris Allen the guy with the live wife made me swoon with his hot rendition of Remember the Time.

I also liked Allison Iraheta the 16 year-old chick with the fake red hair and smokers voice.

Who doesn’t love Anoop Dogg Desai, but his rendition of Beat Itwas more like Let’s Play Hopscotch.

Jorge Nuñez and his eyebrows continued to seduce me even if he can’t sing too good in the English.

Megan Joy the tattoo girl is so quirky that you just got to love her. Tweet, tweet.

Adam Lambert the drag queen is so awesome… he can sing anything and make it sound cool.

Matt Giraud the bluesy piano guy is like the love child of Justin Timberlake and Robin Thicke. He is an amazing singer, but as soon as he’s done I forget what he just sang. It’s happened every time he’s been on the show. Which isn’t good if he wants to stay on the show.

Alexis Grace the M.I.L.F. with pink hair came out wearing her best Mardi Gras beads and sang like she was in a Christina Aguileratribute concert.

My guess for who’s going home is Lil (which would be a crime against humanity, but will probably happen because people are stupid) and either Anoop or Matt.

Did anyone else miss Tatiana Del Toro the laugher? Just asking?